Movit Mobility is not your average every-day removals company by any means!

Hire A Reliable Office Relocation Company Like Movit When Moving Business Premises
November 12, 2017
The Movit Mobility experience offers complete peace of mind when you are ready to move!
December 2, 2017
If you are planning a move to Cape Town, Johannesburg or as far across the ocean as Sydney, you are probably experiencing a high level of stress in many forms, one of which is the actual move itself and how to plan it with the least stress possible, which is the perfect time for you to contact the experienced family of movers from Movit Mobility.

Not only will Movit Mobility plan the packing up of the contents in your home in minute detail, they will disassemble furniture and make sure that they move everything in your home in a highly organised manner in order to save you time and money once your goods have reached their destination.

All your precious and fragile contents are carefully packed using professional packers and the highest quality in packing material, so that your goods arrive fully intact at their destination.  In terms of the household goods transportation industry, the goods transported by Movit Mobility always far exceed the value of the revenue derived from the transport, and in this respect Movit Mobility, like all other removals companies, are obligated to offer insurance as an additional option to their clients.  You are welcome to view in-depth information regarding the All Risk, In Transit policy offered by Movit Mobility on their website.

Movit Mobility is no ordinary every-day removals company, this team goes beyond all expectations for their clients by offering assistance and guidance with regard to information about your new location, provided by locals who know where the best places to live and best schools are in order to make settling in that much easier.

This kind of support is extraordinary in the removals industry and it shows in the glowing comments made by satisfied Movit Mobility clients as well as in the unwavering commitment by this friendly team to make moving a streamlined and stress-free experience, whether it is just around the corner, nationally or internationally.

Take the easy route to moving locally or internationally by calling Movit Mobility today to experience a level of service excellence that simply cannot be beaten!