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December 2, 2017
How To Find Reliable International Moving Companies In South Africa For Your Move Abroad
December 20, 2017
So, the decisions have been made, your house has been sold or your lease has been terminated and you have your moving date set, whether it is in the same city, anywhere else in South Africa or taking the big leap across the pond, north, south, east or west, the one thing you will most definitely have in common with anyone else moving is the choice you will make for a moving company.

Moving companies abound, but none of them have a patch on the fully comprehensive range of moving services offered by the number one moving company in South Africa, Movit Mobility!  Movit Mobility has made moving an art from start to finish, moving your household contents with exceptional care and professionalism, as well as offering services such as orientation tours which will assist you in settling into your new environment.

Movit Mobility is not just in the business of moving physical possessions, they are also clearly invested in assisting clients to find their feet at the other end of their move by assisting with services such as seeking out temporary housing until you find the perfect home, or while yours is being readied for occupancy.  In addition to this, Movit Mobility offers assistance in finding schools, homes and so much more in order to relieve as much of the stress of moving as possible for their clients.

All of these services are only possible due to the exceptional training of this team and the network of key agents in every field, locally and internationally, all of whom have been strictly vetted for service excellence and built up over the course of the successful 45 years that Movit Mobility has had in which to make its mark on the moving industry.

Moving is fraught with stress at the best of times, even if it is a move you are excited about, but the trust that has been placed in Movit Mobility by 100 000’s of clients throughout the years brings with it a peace of mind in your choice of Movit Mobility to offer you an outstanding level of service excellence which will see you safely to the other side of your move.

Whether you are moving from Johannesburg to East London or Cape Town to Sidney Australia, there is no team to match Movit Mobility in terms of sheer professionalism, support and reliability. Before you make your decision, visit the Movit Mobility website, you will then understand why Movit Mobility is a giant in the moving industry in South Africa!