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Pay attention to the finer details when attempting furniture transport from Johannesburg to Cape Town . Contact Movit Mobility on (011) 312- 5196 for professional assistance during your move from Johannesburg to Cape Town.


Moving your office or home furniture from Johannesburg to Cape Town might be possible when attempting it on your own, but you will be stunned by the sheer amount of planning and physical work it will entail. Limit the risk of damages or loss during the transport of furniture from Johannesburg to Cape Town by making use of a professional moving company.


Why use Movit Mobility for Furniture Transport from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

If you were to choose carrying out the move yourself, there are many small details that you will have to manage yourself such as:

The correct packing procedures: You will have to make sure that the labourers pack and place all fragile items in the correct way or you will be faced with boxes of broken articles when your furniture arrives in Cape Town .


Lost and damaged goods: While in the packing process, you will have to keep an eye to prevent any item/s from becoming someone else's property or becoming damaged due to improper loading. This means that you have to physically be there during the entire packing process, and somehow manage the transportation of the furniture from Johannesburg to Cape Town .


Goods left behind: Small items such as childrens' toys still in the garden, small pot plants on the veranda or even garden tools could be seen as insignificant to a general labourer and therefore not packed and simply disregarded during the packing process. This will mean that, upon arriving in Cape Town , you will find many missing items which will result in you having to replace them at high cost to you.


By hiring a reputable furniture removal company such as Movit, you will be certain that we will be handling your personal items with the greatest of respect and professionalism during the transportation of your furniture from Johannesburg to Cape Town .


We will endeavour the moving task in the most detailed manner by making sure all your goods are accounted for, protected with quality packing procedures and loaded onto our trucks in the most productive way possible.


Following the furniture transport from Johannesburg to Cape Town , we will offload the goods and remove and dispose all packing materials so that you could start feeling at home immediately.
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