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Qualified international moving companies in Johannesburg & Pretoria can assist you in very important ways. Let a reputable international moving company assist you with your move from Johannesburg or Pretoria home. Contact Movit Mobility, a Gauteng based moving company for the best quality assistance regarding your moving needs locally & internationally. Get a quote by calling us on (011) 312- 5196.


When you are planning an international move, you will find that it is most certainly not possible for you to take on the mammoth tasks the moving process alone.There are a lot of small but vital details that you are sure to forget. We are here to make sure that you have a successful move, forgetting nothing.


Make the right choice and call Movit today. We are an international moving company, who have been in the moving industry since 1967 and are one of the most reputable moving companies in Johannesburg and Pretoria.


The moving company of choice in Johannesburg and Pretoria

46 Years of experience speaks for itself. We have a vast knowledge and understanding of packing and scheduling a move. As an international moving company in Johannesburg, we take care of items listed below:

  •   • All air and sea freight and details thereof.
  •   • All export documentation and clearing certificates.
  •   • Helping you with full marine risk asset insurance.
  •   • Advising you on total loss insurance.
  •   • Storage extension insurance (if necessary).
  •   • Full packaging services including packing, loading and unpacking at destination as well as the removal of all packing materials and debris.


So as you can see that a reputable international moving company in Johannesburg or Pretoria can play a very valuable role in the success of your international move and by simply calling us at (011) 312- 5196 we will make sure that you receive the most sought after service in the country.


Some of the most popular international destinations that South Africans move to:

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