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When you are planning an overseas move, the most probable option you would then choose is to make use of international movers and packers and then moving from South Africa by sea freight. This should of course only be done by a reputable international removal company in Johannesburg such as Movit.?When you discuss the moving by sea freight option with us, you will find that there are many small but vital aspects of the process that you might not have had any knowledge about, therefore highlighting the importance of letting us manage the sea freight move on your behalf. Movit has the needed experience to assist you wether you are moving from South Africa to New Zealand, moving from South Africa to Canada, moving from South Africa to Australia or to any other continent.


Some of the factors that we will discuss with your regarding the sea freight move will include the following:

  • Depending on the size and weight of your goods, you will be given option of the two main sizes of sea freight containers being one that holds the contents of roughly a 3 bedroom home or alternatively the container that would be able to hold the contents of a 5 bedroom home.


  •   • You will further be given different options regarding the sea freight containers such as a Full Container Load to be shipped in your own container or a Less than Container load which allows you to send different smaller containers that will be shipped in conjunction with containers already packed for shipping.
  •   • Then, the option of the type of goods that you will be moving by sea freight will be discussed with you. For instance, we are able to pack your vehicle for a sea freight move as well, which will make it much more convenient for you at your destination, as you would then not have to search for alternative transportation.
  •   • Our methods of moving by sea freight allows for the stress-free and safe move of any size of valuable item that you would otherwise had to sell prior to your international move.
  •   • We would suggest that you make use of our air freight service to fly your most important items to your destination first and have the bulk of your goods be moved by sea freight as, although it may be a slower transition, it is definitely the best option for your heavy items.


It is an important fact though that, whether you prefer moving by sea freight or any alternative transport option like moving from South Africa by air freight, you only make use of a reputable moving company such as Movit.? We have been recognized as one of the most sought after transport companies in South Africa and whether it be moving by sea freight, moving by air freight or even an office to office move, you can count on our team of professionals to make your moving process a much less stressful one. Phone us today at 011 312 5196 for a customised quotation to suit your needs.

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