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When you are faced with having to move either your business or household goods to another establishment from anywhere in Midrand, Gauteng and acquire the service of a moving company, just how would you know to select the most appropriate moving company in Midrand for you needs?


Just how can a moving company assist you in the proper ways and according to your specific needs? Here are a few vital features of a reputable moving company in Midrand such as Movit Mobility and how we can make the tedious task of moving your goods a much more comfortable and stress-free experience.


Why choose Movit Mobility as your Moving Company in Midrand?

This is a moving company that specializes in the safe and professional relocation of household or business items from any Gauteng destination to any place in the world. The main resource of transportation when moving from a local destination in Midrand to another are moving vans, while freight ships and airplanes are used for international moves. The standard packing materials for household and local moves will be double-sided boxes where steel storage containers will be used for the international moves.


The staff members at our Moving Company in Midrand have been expertly trained to manage the entire process of your move down to the last detail, including the following tasks:

  •   • The meeting with the client to discuss all needed details regarding the time, date, volume and special precautions of the move.
  •   • The pre-planning of the moving process relating to the different types of goods to be packed and safely transported.
  •   • The actual packing of the goods in different types of packing material which would depend on the value of the goods and/or type of goods such as household plants and antiques, compared to standard clothing and linen.
  •   • The correct identification and packing of the boxes onto the moving vehicle for safe transport from Midrand to the new destination.
  •   • The structured removal of the boxes from the moving van at the required establishment.
  •   • The safe and structured unpacking of the goods and removal of all packing materials to make for a clean area to continue from.
Movit Removals is recognised as one of the most professional moving companies in Midrand. Phone us today on (011) 312- 5196 to see how we can make your move so much more enjoyable.
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