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Helping You Move from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town is quite a long procedure. This is especially tiresome because of the long distance between the two cities. Many people move between these two cities so that they can experience a change of view and perhaps look out for different opportunities in employment as well. The fourteen hundred kilometer long journey is something that cannot usually be managed by road, and taking your furniture along with you is certainly not an easy task.


Thirteen and a half hours on the road is no easy task. If you are moving permanently, or for a long time, then we could make the moving process a lot easier for you. Our experts can drive your valuables and furniture down to the lovely port town with utmost ease, and at the same time, save you a lot of planning and hard work. Also, at Movit Mobility, we can provide you with a world-class packing and moving so that you have absolutely no hassles in the advent of your trip.


Great Technology and a Safe Drop Off

We guarantee the safety of your valuables and goods, because we pride ourselves on the technology that we use to make sure that our customers are most satisfied with the outcome. Moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town can be quite taxing, and having your furniture moved for you in a safe and secure manner can take quite a load off your shoulders. Our efficient network of trucks works on an air suspension. This means that the goods inside the hold will be absolutely unaffected on speed breakers and other bumps in the road.


The electronic surveillance system ensures that there is always a watchful eye protecting your valuables. Our packaging is absolutely top notch, with weather proof boxes and tight bubble wrap for the sake of certain items like antiques which may be quite fragile. All in all, we do our best to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the outcome. We have decades of experience in moving both office and home appliances.


With a move from Johannesburg to Cape Town one will quickly realize that you might not be able to manage on your own as there are many different things to plan for and manage such as transportation, safe packing materials, safe packing methods, proper identification and safekeeping of your valuable goods, just to mention a few. One thing that is for certain is that there are many good and reputable moving companies that are able to assist you with your move from Johannesburg to Cape Town.


Just how can a moving company assist you? Here are a few vital features of a reputable moving company such as Movit and how we can make the tedious task of moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town a much more comfortable and stress-free experience.


Why use Movit when moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

We are a Removal Company in Johannesburg that specializes in the safe and professional relocation of household or business items from one destination to the next. The main resource of transportation when moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town are moving vans, while freight ships and airplanes are used for international moves. The standard packing materials for household and local moves will be double-sided boxes where steel storage containers will be used for the international moves.


Our staff members that have been expertly trained to manage the entire process of moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town consisting of the following tasks:

  •   • The meeting with the client to discuss all needed details regarding the time, date, volume and special precautions of the move.
  •   • The pre-planning of the moving process from Johannesburg to Cape Town relating to the different types of goods to be packed and safely transported.
  •   • The actual packing of the goods in different types of packing material which would depend on the value of the goods and/or type of goods such as household plants and antiques, compared to standard clothing and linen.
  •   • The correct identification and packing of the boxes onto the moving vehicle for safe transport to the destination.
  •   • The structured removal of the boxes from the moving van at the required establishment.
  •   • The safe and structured unpacking of the goods and removal of all packing materials to make for a clean area to continue from.


There are many smaller companies that may claim that they are able to assist with the process of moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town in no time and at the least cost but beware that these lesser quality companies have resulted in many damages and even law suits. Please make sure that you make use of only reputable moving companies such as Movit who has been deemed one of the most reputable movers in the country. Phone us today at (011) 312- 5196 to see how we can make your move so much more enjoyable.

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