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Pay attention to the finer details when moving from Johannesburg to Durban. Contact Movit at (011) 312- 5196 for professional assistance during your move from Johannesburg to Durban.


One big misconception about moving is that it is quick and easy. The reality is that, with human nature being prone to gather and collect items, the process of moving can become a mountainous task for even the most avid packer.


Packing and Moving to Durban from Johannesburg

Quite a few people are found moving from Johannesburg to Durban every year. This is because of various different reasons. One reason is that Durban being a coastal town is far more inviting as it is by the beach and you can enjoy the evenings with a scenic view. Another reason is that Johannesburg is becoming more and more crowded every year because of the increasing number of people migrating into town on account of business dealings or job opportunities.


Also, Johannesburg is flourishing today in terms of the number of people who come for holidays. With tourism thriving, it is difficult to continue with your quiet and comfortable lifestyle. By road, Durban is a good five and a half hour drive southwards through Ladysmith. Close to six hundred kilometers, it is quite unreasonable to try to pack and move your things and set off by yourself. You may require some professional help when it comes to transferring large and heavy goods like furniture for the house or office.


Moving to Durban with Movit Mobility

We at Movit Mobility specialize in exactly this. Our group of experts make sure that you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to moving large goods. You can be sure to trust us even with valuable and fragile goods because we pride ourselves in the technology that we use to keep your belongings safe. We have a strong network of trucks that are designed just for such purposes.


Movit has been in the packing and moving business for many years, and have many international undertakings as well as domestic. There have been multiple clients of ours who have requested aid in moving from Johannesburg to Durban, and have been quite satisfied with the results.


Our world-class packaging includes weather proof boxes and tight bubble wrap to minimize any chance of damaging your valuables. We hope to have a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with you.


Herewith a few tips to keep in mind when moving from Johannesburg to Durban:

Take for instance the difference in temperature in Durban ? With Natal having a far more humid and topical temperature you might want to sort out your clothing to get rid of most of your thick, woolly clothing items. Moving cost is determined on the size of the move. If you are planning a permanent move from Johannesburg to Durban , you will have to make sure that your pieces of furniture and art can withstand years of sea-air which, due to the high salt content is very abrasive to all untreated metals such as steel and copper and will perish. You will have to make the decision which items to pack and which to rather sell or give to family members.


Hiring a competent and reputable moving company to manage the move from Johannesburg to Durban is the most important thing. You will be amazed how much a moving company can take off your shoulders, giving you more time to deal with other things such as the accommodation in Durban , family transport, rental notice period, water and lights suspension and also the arrangements on the other side such as registration at new schools, municipalities and finding nearby vital establishments such as churches, supermarkets, hospitals and libraries.


A reputable moving company such as Movit can be of great assistance during your move from Johannesburg to Durban by assisting you with the following tasks:


We will list all your household items in Johannesburg and discuss your preferences regarding packing and transportation with you whereupon you will receive a detailed and customized quotation.


We make use of the latest in technology for the ultimate safety and security during the transportation of your valuable goods. For standard items such as clothing, bedding and curtains we make use of double-sided boxes that are known for its stability which is needed with a move from Johannesburg to Durban . For any fragile items, we pre-wrap it in protective wrapping and place in secure boxes either together or individually, depending on the type of item.


Movit has been deemed one of South Africa's most reputable company for quality assistance during your move from Johannesburg to Durban and by phoning us at (011) 312- 5196 we will make sure that you are totally satisfied with our excellent service.
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