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Moving home locally is a mountainous task on its own, let alone having to more your entire life from South Africa to Canada. During any moving process there is an extreme amount of planning to be done but in the case of a local to international move, it would be foolish to presume that it can be handled alone. This is when you absolutely have to make use of a reputable moving company that specialises in moving from Johannesburg, South Africa to Canada.


A moving process does not only consist of packing everything into boxes, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many extra and vital factors to plan for and manage effectively to ensure a successful international move such as the moving checklist, packing procedures, safety, taxes and customs. Below are some of the very important steps to be taken and managed before and during your move from South Africa to Canada .


Movit can assist you with moving from South Africa to Canada

Planning must be done well ahead of your move from South Africa to Canada and include the following important things such as a change of address form, SARS form, and confirmation of the moving company, travel arrangements such as flights, busses, car rental companies and all other agencies that will assist you with your move. Before you move to Canada, it is imperative to find out important information regarding your business such as business licences, special laws or permits that need to be granted or professional tests that have to be done in order for you to qualify to practice there.


You should make a clear and precisely detailed list of all your valuable belongings, not forgetting even the smallest detail as it will count if you have to claim from insurance in an unfortunate event of damage or loss. Please note that this list will be compared to that of the moving company to make sure that all your goods have been accounted for with the move from Johannesburg to Canada .


International Moving Services from Movit

Movit has a multitude of satisfied customers that is currently residing all over the world. When it comes to International Moving, you can't go wrong with a company that possesses the much needed experience and skills to make every move a successful move. We have served many people as an International Moving Company that can be relied on with absolutely everything you own. By making sure that every last one of your possessions are safely tucked away, you can rest assured that all will be well with the arrival at your new home.


Movit offers reliable moving services to the following International Destinations:

Nearer the time you can take care of all the smaller and less time consuming tasks. It is always such a relief to know that a reputable service provider such as Movit are willing and able to assist you with all these details and many more regarding your process of moving from South Africa to Canada . Phone us today for quality service at unbeatable rates.

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