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Your moving company should take care of the moving of your pets as well. Phone Movit at (011) 312-5196 and have peace of mind that your pets are looked after while moving from South Africa to England.


Why choose Movit for the move of your family and pets from South Africa to England?

When you have pets and you are moving from South Africa by air freight or sea freight, one is often faced with two options of which one would be to sell or give away your pets and the other being to move them along with your family.? The moving of your pets is quite a tedious process as there are many health and safety terms and conditions on live stock being transported overseas, not to mention that the distance is far greater than just moving from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein or elsewhere locally, but if you employ the services of a professional and reputable moving company, you could rest assured that they will manage all the red tape and moving procedures on your behalf.? Here is a guide on how you, along with the assistance of a Movit can make the transportation of your pets a hassle-free and easy task whether you are moving from South Africa to New Zealand, moving from South Africa to Australia or even moving from South Africa to Canada.


It is very important to firstly discuss the pet services offered by a reputable removal company in Johannesburg.?You have to make sure that they are informed on all paperwork, procedures and special precautions regarding the move from South Africa to England. It is important for you to keep your pets calm during this time by having them visit a vet for all inoculations and treatments such as tick and flea treatments. While at the vet, make sure that he/she updates the pet?s information card including its history of visits to the vet.? It is very important to know that if your animal has any illnesses or complications, the information should be given to the moving company so that they can make the necessary arrangements.


You could also ask your vet if, in his/her knowledge there is anything else that would be needed for the move, whether it be breeding or health certificates or any other information that could assist the moving company, should there be a problem. And last but not least, ask the vet to give you the details of the nearest vet and pet food supplier in your immediate area.? If the pet needs prescription medication, be sure to get an extra prescription for the first month overseas.


Make sure that you arrange the date with the moving company which would preferably be a few days prior to the move, in which they would take care of the pet in a specialized environment and make sure that the move is a smooth and safe one for your pet as well.

Movit includes the moving and transport of your pets as part of our services to you and by phoning us at (011) 312-5196 we will be sure to make your pets priority as part of your move from South Africa to England.
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