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Are you moving from South Africa to New Zealand? Contact Movit Mobility, a reputable removal company in South Africa, for the best assistance with moving your assets from South Africa to New Zealand. Call us on (011) 312- 5196.


Just the sheer thought of moving your belongings from one home to another might seem like a huge mountain to climb. Not even to mention if you are moving from South Africa to New Zealand. Dont even think about doing this on your own. Your mountain will quickly disappear after talking to a professional moving company such as Movit Mobility to handle your move from South Africa to New Zealand.


As a moving task consist of much more than packing up a few boxes, you will be correct in thinking that there are some tasks only best handled by expertise in the field. After all, as the saying goes - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. At Movit, we have helped many families to successfully relocate from South Africa to other overseas destinations.


Using Movit Mobility when moving from South Africa to New Zealand

Our team at Movit has had enough experience to be able to safely take the entire moving process from South Africa to New Zealand under our wing and make a success of it time and again, just as our reputation within the moving industry proves. We are able to successfully handle all the small but time consuming functions such as the following:


To hold a detailed meeting with the client where every little detail will be discussed such as amount of items, type of transport required (by ship or by plane) value of products to be moved, insurances, date of move, date of final departure from the home and all the many other small details that will make the move from South Africa to New Zealand itself more comfortable for the client. To discuss in detail the insurance policy, what it covers and what it doesn't so as to prevent any misunderstanding if it arises due to damage occurring to any property of the client.To discuss what the service entails and includes so that the client will know what to expect for the amount quoted.


In essence, a reputable moving company should be the client's link of certainty between South Africa and New Zealand and the client should be given comfort by knowing that your assets will be taken care of during the transport between the two destinations.


Movit has a lot of experience when it comes to removals from South Africa to a variety of International destinations. We pride ourselves in delivering quality services and reliable staff you can trust with even your most prized possessions. Our International movers & packers offer you the peace of mind that very few others can do. Any International move can add stress to an already busy life, why not let Movit take your move on our shoulders and ensure that your goods arrive safely at their destination.


Movit specializes in the following International Destinations & Services:


Our team at Movit endeavour to offer you the most professional and personalised service so that you feel secure in the fact that we will handle your valuables with the most amount of respect they need. Phone us today at (011) 312- 5196 for a detailed quotation and any queries you might have regarding your move from South Africa to New Zealand.

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