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Professional office relocation company in Johannesburg

Office relocation companies in JohannesburgRelocating Your Office without Difficulty:

Many people find that relocating is quite a difficult and time consuming task. It involves the movement of many large and sometimes fragile items. If you have been having a hard time looking for office relocation companies in Johannesburg, you have come to the right place.


We at Movit Mobility try to make sure that you have a trouble free experience when it comes to shifting sensitive equipment from your office. We understand that most of the equipment is quite sensitive and that they may be made of materials that are easily breakable. So we give it our absolute best and make sure that none of the equipment you put in our care gets damaged, irrespective of how far we have to move it. Contact our Johannesburg-based office relocation company today for a quote to move your office goods.


Using Movit Mobility as your Office Relocation Company

We will assist with any size office move, in the Johannesburg and surrounding Gauteng area. We have an experienced team who will take care of everything so that you have to worry only about getting yourself to your destination. Your goods will reach there without any hassles and in great condition. Our moving company offers the following office relocation services:

  • Packing and materials – We will assist you business with moving services right from the initial packing phase. Making use of Movit Mobility’s packing services and materials for your office relocation, it will minimise your business’ down-time caused by the move. Our team is experienced in organising, wrapping and boxing office goods, including everything from office supplies and documents to furniture and fragile office equipment in the correct manner to prevent damage of goods. You will be receiving high quality packing materials to protect your office goods.

  • Well-organised office move – Movit Mobility makes use of an organised alphanumeric, tagging and colour coding moving method providing an organised moving process when relocating your office to its new premises. This will make the moving process easy and efficient. Office relocation companies in Johannesburg

  • Moving large or fragile office equipment – Office relocation often requires the moving of heavy and large furniture pieces and equipment including office safes, Zippel / bulk filers and cabinets, office furniture as well as more fragile office equipment such as computers and data centres. When making use of Movit Mobility you can rest assured that our team is experienced in moving fragile equipment.

  • Dissembling and assembling of furniture – Dissembling large furniture pieces will make the moving thereof much easier. Our team will assist to disassemble these larger furniture pieced such as desks and cabinets, and will also assist to assemble them again in the new office. This will also make the complete moving process run faster and more efficiently.

Get a tailored quote from the trusted office relocation company in Johannesburg

Once Movit Mobility has determined your office’s moving needs, we will supply you with a tailored quote that will fit your budget. This trusted choice of office relocation companies in Johannesburg will ensure that your office moving process will be completed within the required time frame, so that you can go on with your business tasks in no time.

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