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The reason for an office move is more often than not because it will be better for business, but when the services of a less than reputable office removal company in Johannesburg is used, it could more often than not relate to more losses in terms of time wastage leading to unproductive office function.? Here are a few important ways on how the staff can assist the office removal company to get your new office set up and staff back to work in no time:


Make sure to discuss the move in details with the staff members prior to the moving day.? Discuss the new routes to work, the possibility of staff members driving together, new parking lots and procedures and building/ office layout.


If the new premises are further out of staff members? ways, discuss any alternatives with them including traveling cost subsidies or alternative employment.? Make sure that all employees are willing and able to successfully provide their services comfortably.? Have the office removal company discuss the duration of the move, details of the move and how they can assist in making the process quicker and easier.


Using Movit as your Office Removal Company in South Africa

Prior to the move, make sure that according to the estimated duration of the moving process, all staff members will have sufficient work to keep them occupied as it is very important that your company keeps productive during that time.? Try to have the phone and internet connections set up prior to the move, making it possible for staff members to carry on with their work on laptop computers.


On the day of the move, get all staff members to assist the office removal company with the packing of office furniture, stationery and small things such as posters, notice boards and meeting boards so as to save time and assist in productiveness.


It would be a wise decision to also discuss the needs of the staff members regarding seating, placement of desks etc that will improve their performance at the new offices. Our team at Movit has been in the moving industry for many years and due to our repeatedly excellent service, we have been named as one of the most skilled office removal companies in South Africa.? Call us today at (011) 312-5196 for assistance on how we can make your office move quicker, easier and more cost effective.

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