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A reputable furniture removal company in Johannesburg could be of great assistance to your moving needs. Phone Movit, reputable household removal company in Johannesburg , South Africa at (011) 312- 5196.


When one faces the task of planning to move to another house, it is more often than not the first thought to attempt the procedure by yourself without the use of a furniture removal company . Depending on the amount of furniture and other goods you own and the distance you are travelling, assistance from a removal company in Johannesburg like Movit can lift a big weight from your shoulders.


Moving home involves an extreme amount of planning and manual labour as it is very likely that you would have to stay in the house while packing and putting all non-essentials aside. If attempting to do this on your own, you would have to make sure that you have helpers at the old premises to not only help you load but also to clean the house after you have left. You would then also have to make sure you have helpers waiting at your new house to help you unload the heavy items.


There is one alternative to all of this frustration and that is to hire the service of a professional furniture removal company in your area. A furniture removal company specializes in managing the entire moving process on your behalf. This includes all the above mentioned tedious tasks such as the planning, packing, loading, transport, unloading and removal of all packaging materials.


Movit is an experienced household & furniture removal company in Johannesburg

A reputable furniture removal company will have the knowledge and expertise to move your valuables in the most effective and safest way. Our team at Movit have been in the industry for quite a number of years and due to our good reputation we can proudly say that we are one of the most respected furniture removal companies in South Africa .


Moving Office? Movit offers Air Suspension Transport for your fragile items

As Johannesburg is a city that keeps growing & developing the need often arises to move your office to either a larger or more suitable property. Unfortunately office equipment like computers, servers, printers and other fragile items are easily damaged by just the slightest bump on the road. That is where the Air Suspension Transport services Movit offers is ideal as your equipment is suspended and won't be affected by the surface of the road travelled on. Most Computer moving companies may not offer this service, thus increasing your risk of ending up with technical problems once your office is set up and work commences.


Let Movit help you decide on either moving by air freight or moving by sea freight

With any International Move there will be some sort of fear of your belongings not reaching their final destination, depending on the competency and experience of the moving company you select to assist you. Luckily Movit has more than enough experience with both the processes of moving by air freight, and moving by sea freight. You can rest assured that your household items & personal belongings are in good hands either way when you move with Movit. The main difference between the two options is the time difference between departure and arrival. The fact that by making use of air freight your belongings will arrive much faster, will then obviously have an influence on the cost as well.


Always use experienced International Movers and Packers in South Africa

There is certainly a big difference between the method your belongings are packed and stored when you are moving from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein, as opposed to the method used when moving from South Africa to England. Not only are different materials used in the processes, but the way the International Movers and Packers at Movit group and transport your goods differ immensely. This is where the need for experience in the field comes in. It would certainly be a big risk on your part if the decision is made to go with a less or completely inexperienced moving company. Movit has the much needed experience in all the required fields from removals from Johannesburg to Cape Town or Australia all the way through to more specialised services like server moving or air suspension transport.


Call us today at (011) 312- 5196 for a detailed quotation that can be customised to suit your very individual needs.

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